Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Month

The header now says "in three months or less"

I did some rethinking and found out that it will probably take about 2.5 - 3 months to complete this task, and that's if there aren't any complications - complications like Rex deciding he'd rather drink from the toilet, or ... Rex not agile enough to stand on the toilet seat without his leg falling in.

In order to prepare for moving the litter pan INTO the toilet, I'll need to secure it and purchase a few more things.

I will need a better step stool that is a little taller and sturdier. Something like a step stool.

I will need to either get no-slip pads for my toilet seat or a new seat that's flatter, thicker, and more tactile. My current one is rather old and kind of slopes down towards the bowl. It's very thin and made of slippery plastic. Pascha is capable of hopping around on it, but Rex's weight is distributed differently throughout his body and he has a harder time.

The biggest worries I have involve the cats getting wet. If they poo and there is splash back, then it's over - at least for a while. I want to make sure it's all in place and everything is figured out before I make my next move. Thoughts?


  1. oh, my, good point about the splash back. I'm writing this with Moby on a pillow in my lap staring up at my computer screen. He was pawing at Rex's image just a second ago :)

    the no-slip pads are a great idea. Also, you might want to consider those cloth or chenille-like or towel-like toilet seat covers. To correct the inward slope on your seat, you could place layers of cardboard carefully cut to match the shape of the rim. You can slip those under the towel-like toilet seat covers. Or maybe just pull a quickie and stuff little tufts of T.P. in the shallow areas! ahahahaha. Hmmm...if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

  2. I love the idea! I happened to see this post after I bought the new seat, but the new seat is actually quite nice for me, too! ;-)