Saturday, February 21, 2009

Foot in Water!


Today was "New litter pan Day" which means I cut a larger hole and replaced the old litter pans. Pictures to follow.

Unfortunately, I JUST stepped into the bathroom and found Rex had accidentally let his foot slip into the toilet!! This could be really bad. He jumped out and began kicking his leg. I cleaned his leg not knowing what was in the toilet, but the problem is that I was not sure if he had already gone or not!

If the cats become traumatized while using the toilet like this, then we could have a problem.

More later...


UPDATE: Ten minutes later - Ok, so apparently Rex had NOT used the toilet and just freaked out when his foot fell in. The good news is that I just watched him put three legs on the seat and do his business straight into the toilet. There was some splashing, and that's something I need to find a solution for, but he was does not appear traumatized. I immediately gave him a treat.

Location, Location, Location

As you may or may not know, there are hundreds of resources for cat toilet training. One incredible big I recently discovered is It's got a format I hope to mimic once this is all finished. I'd like to compile all the "progress" posts in chronological order, and have one main page for simplified easy-to-read instructions that contain angles I've discovered.

One thing this guy mentions that I hadn't previously thought about before invovled determining where the hole in the pan should be. Should it be in the front or the back of the pan? I never thought of this because my cats naturally face towards the front like I've seen all the other successfully trained cats do. But if you try and do this and your cat faces the tank instead, then his advice is really helpful!!

He basically talks about how the placement of the hole in the pan cannot only affect how quickly your cat catches on, but also where the cat will learn to naturally face AND this consideration could prevent splash-back!.

The blog has some pretty serious reproduction restrictions, so I'm not going to quote him here. But I do reccommend checking out his blog!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hole #3 and #4

I forgot to get a picture of hole #3, but I can assure you it also worked well. The cats weren't phased by it. It was slightly bigger than hole #2 and, well, slightly smaller than #4.

Hole #4 is frightening.

Below is Hole #4. Litter falls in the toilet like at waterfall. Litterfall? Whatever, I'm just glad I haven't, so far, had any plumbing problems. The cats have not used this yet. I just "installed" it. Wish me luck.

Hole #2

Worked like a charm.

Next one should be a little daunting though.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Pros and the Cons

Since cutting a hole into the litter pan, I have started developing some pros and cons. I will probably republish this again and again with updates. It'll be like a game.

Pro - Um, Pascha pooped and it literally (accidentally) went straight into the toilet. Cleanup consisted of flushing the toilet. Ahhh....

Con - Lifting the pan out of the toilet to go to the bathroom has now become a messy, no, much messier experience. I recommend getting an old flexible cutting board to place it on so you can easily put the spilled litter back in to the pan when needed.

Pro - Both cats are taking to this quite well. We'll see how that turns out when I cut the hole bigger soon.

Con - Duct tape likes to come off easily.

Pro - I forsee this being finished in a month

Con - I started this in November