Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Pros and the Cons

Since cutting a hole into the litter pan, I have started developing some pros and cons. I will probably republish this again and again with updates. It'll be like a game.

Pro - Um, Pascha pooped and it literally (accidentally) went straight into the toilet. Cleanup consisted of flushing the toilet. Ahhh....

Con - Lifting the pan out of the toilet to go to the bathroom has now become a messy, no, much messier experience. I recommend getting an old flexible cutting board to place it on so you can easily put the spilled litter back in to the pan when needed.

Pro - Both cats are taking to this quite well. We'll see how that turns out when I cut the hole bigger soon.

Con - Duct tape likes to come off easily.

Pro - I forsee this being finished in a month

Con - I started this in November

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