Saturday, February 21, 2009

Foot in Water!


Today was "New litter pan Day" which means I cut a larger hole and replaced the old litter pans. Pictures to follow.

Unfortunately, I JUST stepped into the bathroom and found Rex had accidentally let his foot slip into the toilet!! This could be really bad. He jumped out and began kicking his leg. I cleaned his leg not knowing what was in the toilet, but the problem is that I was not sure if he had already gone or not!

If the cats become traumatized while using the toilet like this, then we could have a problem.

More later...


UPDATE: Ten minutes later - Ok, so apparently Rex had NOT used the toilet and just freaked out when his foot fell in. The good news is that I just watched him put three legs on the seat and do his business straight into the toilet. There was some splashing, and that's something I need to find a solution for, but he was does not appear traumatized. I immediately gave him a treat.

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