Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 12

Hooray for Duct Tape!

My tower of toilet training kitty litter has grown taller and taller, and is now completely stable thanks to the help of duct tape.

No more spilling, no more pooping and leaving it uncovered for fear of the litter box moving around too much. Things are much more under control.

Also, I had another recent revelation. Up until now, I've kept the toilet seat DOWN because it's safer for the cats and easier for them to jump on. If I'm going to get them comfortable going to the bathroom in the toilet, I need to also get them comfortable with the toilet seat up.

This has caused issue.

Pascha loves to play with water, and this now includes the water in the toilet. While my toilet is clean and it's cute right now, I have a feeling this could be Big Trouble once the toilet training is complete.

I am asking for suggestions to help me train her to keep her paws out of the toilet. So far spraying Fooey (Bitter Apple, a non-toxic spray used to keep cats away from things like cords) on the water does very little. Anyone?

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