Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Point of no Return?

This is what the litter pan looks like!!

They use this as if there was no hole in it. It's kind of surreal to watch.

I am going to change the shape of the hole from now on. I'm going to cut away at most of the back of the pan and then slowly cut to the front. This way they'll learn how to face the right direction each time since they won't be able to put their paws in the back of the toilet.



  1. My God, the hole is HUGE! It's too bad Pasha is back to peeing in the sink! My mom's cat does that sometimes. It's not too big of a deal, yeah?

    How do you guys do your business on that toilet??!

  2. We take it off and place it on an old, flexible cutting board. Then we put the litter back in the pan.

    It would certainly be nice if we had just one more toilet in the house!