Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Rex: Couldn't be better. Puts ALL FOURS on the toilet seat without hesitation, even though the hole in the litter pan is not significantly bigger than before.

Pascha: Hit or Miss. Puts two paws on toilet all the time when she pees, and sometimes puts ALL FOURS on the toilet seat when she poos. This sounds good, but just yesterday she missed the toilet all together. I'm taking her to the vet.

General: This should work out in the end. If Pasch can get all fours up there sometimes, then I believe it's only a matter of time. We are already using about a fourth of the litter we used to. The cleanup has never been easier, and they are comfortable with the sounds and the view of the water in the toilet.

1 comment:

  1. YOU DID IT, YOU DID IT!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I am SO proud of you.

    Also, it's your birthday soon! I'm actually heading out right to get you something ;)

    Are you still planning to have bday drinks at Malverde??

    P.S. I am having dinner party tomorrow, can you guys make it??